Did you see it?

Did you see it? We do a big deal in presenting the most stunning and interesting places around the world and explain the science behind it. We always try to go that little extra and get the story complete. In the beginning, of this year’s summer, the U.S. Geological Survey called for you to complete […]

Erg Iguidi [Landsat Week]

Today’s Landsat post leads us to Algeria. The yellow streaks crossing this picture show us Erg Iguidi. This erg is part of the Sahara. If you direct your view on the fascinating background, you can distinguish between black sandstone in the middle and sand plains as seen on the lower left. Take a really close […]

Happy Birthday Landsat!

Since yesterday was my birthday I am particularly happy to proclaim: ?Happy 40th Birthday Landsat!? Landsat is a series of satellites whose only purpose is to explore the continental surface of the Earth. There have been 7 in the series (from which one did not work) and the 8th is in planning and supposed to […]

Awesome thin-sections

When looking at rocks, we have one obvious problem. Most rocks are rather opaque. So when you want to analyze you can forget about that lumpy old microscope… But geologists have known a trick since 1858. It’s called a thin-section. You cut down your sample to a mere thickness of 30 micrometer, which is comparable […]