Feminine field work.

It doesn’t matter how you dress!

Or does it?

So I’m a white middle-class guy, which makes me pretty privileged as it is. Please feel free to check yourself on the Male Privilige Checklist. And I have had a lot of learning to do when it comes to sexism and feminism (and I still do). So for the weekend, I’d like to share a very nice blog post with you that is about “The way we dress”.

It’s from the Blog Tenure she wrote, which is a brilliant blog you should follow. I’ll quote from their FAQ:

Q: What is Tenure, She Wrote?

A: Tenure, She Wrote is a collaborative blog devoted to chronicling the (mis)adventures of women in academia, from undergraduate to Full Professor. We?re a diverse group representing many walks of life, career stages, institutional affiliations, disciplines, and opinions.

So when it comes to women in scientific fields doing field work, there’s a whole set of challenges, one should be aware of. Of course, this also applies to geophysics. Read the article and tell me, have you caught yourself judging someone just by the way, they dress for the occasion?

On the left: Probably an ecologist. Photo: Ryan Jordan in Backpacking Light.
On the right: Probably not an ecologist, according to 90% of ecologists. Photo: Erin Heatherton for SuiteBlanco on Trendencias | Source

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