Fluid Dynamics Fundraiser – Be part of something awesome!

One of my favorite blogs is asking for help and maybe you too would like to make a difference.

Nicole Sharp from Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics had her funds cancelled and asks for their readers to fund her to go to the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics.
She points out three major reasons for you to send her to the conference:

  • Tell the fluid dynamics community about FYFD’s success in inspiring high-school and undergraduate-aged students to study fluid dynamics.
  • Share my first-of-their-kind measurements of surface roughness effects on hypersonic aerodynamics.
  • Gather material and contacts for future FYFD content (both written posts, and, hopefully, FYFD-produced videos)

Check out the perks she offers at IndieGoGo and the video:

I will now head over there and throw some spare change at her. At this point I think she must go completely insane. The fundraiser was started yesterday and is at 1850$ of 2000$, so be part of something awesome!

Isn’t this a brilliant example how outreach has helped giving something back?!

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  1. Thank you for your support and for helping spread the word! Always great to meet other young scientists who like reaching out to the public and sharing our passion. I enjoyed watching your FameLab video where you demonstrated seismic sensitivity using a soccer match. Great stuff! Thanks again!

    • Wow. I feel honored. Thanks for your comment! I’m really glad you hit your funding goal and I’m really amazed that it only took 23h!

      Keep up your awesome work!

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