How do we thrive in the AI industrial revolution?

Our world is changing and skilled workers are being replaced by intelligent systems. Where do the strengths of humans lie?

Working in ML and taking the stage, whenever anyone lets me, I am no stranger to the question:

What is AI good at?

What are humans good at?

So I was invited to give a talk on exactly that topic. Here are the recordings. Unfortunately, I made a blunder in the recording and couldn’t record better audio. Let me know if you’re interested in me diving further into this matter.

That’s it for AI, how do humans stack up?

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... is a geophysicist by heart. He works at the intersection of machine learning and geoscience. He is the founder of The Way of the Geophysicist and a deep learning enthusiast. Writing mostly about computational geoscience and interesting bits and pieces relevant to post-grad life.

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