I like oxygen – Explaining #teamtrees

I woke up to my Youtube subscriptions exploding with the hashtag #teamtrees. What is Team Trees?

The youtube phenomenon MrBeast recently reached 20 million subscribers, which lead to an idea going viral. People spammed MrBeast to plant 20 million trees to celebrate. So he assembled some friends.


Now. During the climate strike, I’ve heard my fair share of people criticizing the younger generation, that they’re all talk. Fundraising 20 million dollars and partnering with the well-respected Arbor Day Foundation, is no small feat. Getting together some huge (non-controversial) Youtubers together including MKBHD, Linus Tech Tips, Captain Disillusion, and Mark Rober.

That is 1 tree for 1$.

But How?

I am always intrigued if Mark Rober posts a new video. Usually, his videos built some ridiculous but educational toy. This time it’s a little different and he explains, how Drone Seed automates planting trees in rough terrain using huge drones while planting smart.

Mark Robers video on planting 20 million trees using drones

And it quickly took off:

Over 550,000$ in an hour?

But Why?

Why do we even need trees?
Well, they make oxygen, but Stephanie Samma of Real Science explains it best in the following video.

Doing My Part

I decided to give as much as I can, which is not much. Please consider giving a Dollar or 1000, it matters. This is a chance to come together and reverse some of the damage humans have done to the planet.

Some action is really stupid. We’ve seen “unplug your phone charger to save the planet”. We’ve seen controversial straw bans. And the Extinction Rebellion is a great way to get into a shouting match with relatives.

I think, we can all come together on trees.

If you go over 50$, you get the cool dark green badge. Unfortunately, I don’t have a 1000$ to spare. The shiny blue-green badge is clearly the greatest.

My small contribution.


Then enjoy some more tree facts, for how well you’ve done!

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