Interactive Viz² and Differentiable Machine Learning – Friday Faves

This Friday we’ll have a look at two interactive data viewers and a differentiable ML.

Nd Array Viewer

Napari is an interactive Nd array Viewer with support for fast inspection and analysis of multidimensional data. Definitely something to pop out in a Jupyter notebook and take a look at the processed data.

The Blog Post with even more features is here:

Find the Github repo here:
or jump in and

Physics-based Machine Learning Framework

DiffTaichi provides a framework for physics simulation in a differential way. Whether you’d like to tack your simulator on to a CNN to generate samples on the fly, or spice up your GAN-game, this is probably a tool, you’ll want in your toolkit. I have been quoted before that “Physics-based ML is just figuring out how to make your stuff differentiable”.

It’s part of the TaiChi language: in the examples – difftaichi.

Check out the cute moving bots and impressive liquid models here:

Exploratory Data Analysis

Apparently SandDance was a thing before, but it’s open-source now and you can integrate it into VSCode.

SandDance by Microsoft

Read the blog here:

Get the VSCode extension here, and make sense of your CSV:

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