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Kaggle Days Two – Googling in San Francisco

Have you met our Lord and Saviour AutoML?

Day two of the Kaggle Days was, what it had to be, a competition. Very interesting to be in a room with Grandmasters, Pros and then there’s me. But the real struggle was for everyone to compete with the AutoML solutions by Google and H2O.ai.

One of the, if not the main author behind Google’s implementation was on stage and I even got to chat with him about their approach, which is exactly what I came to San Francisco for, rub shoulders with the giants.

However, AutoML was beat by a good ol’ home-grown data science solution, which you can read more about on LinkedIn Write Up of Winning Solution. It was even covered on Wired.

Data Science wasn’t all of it though. The people were amazing. The party was fantastic. Access to Google Next and the Google Next party with Gwen Stefani as main act was surprisingly fun. If it ever comes to your continent, I definitely recommend going.

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