Geoscience Resources

A comprehensive page on Earth Science resources worth a look.

Earth Science Blogs


Agile Geosciences is a Canadian geo-consulting company. Matt Hall and Evan Bianco blog about seismics and geoscience in general. It’s a high-value blog and absolutely worth a subscription.


Matteo Nicoli blogs about seismic imaging and geophysical visualization.

io9 – space

Mika McKinnon a geophysicist by profession manages the space section of io9.

The Earth Story

Initially started as a Facebook page, The Earth Story is a several-author blog showing beautiful sites all over the earth. You can find my older content from that site here.

F*ck Yeah Fluid Dynamics

A Tumblr blog about Fluid Dynamics. Not Earth Science in a strict sense, but closely related to many issues in volcanology and fluid motion.


The All-Geo Geoblogfeed syndicates a significant number of geoscience blogs.

Job Search

Earthworks Jobs



Geozentrum Hannover

Geoscience Societies


The Society for Exploration Geophysicists is mainly active in the USA. It is the biggest society for exploration geoscience.


The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers brings together international professionals and academics in the Earth Science segment.


The American Association of Petroleum Geologists focuses on oily geologists and Earth scientists..


The European Geoscience Union is a more geologically inclined European association.


The American Geophysical Union is the US American geophysics assocation.


The German Geophysical Association is a German association for geophysicists.

Research Centres

GFZ Potsdam

The German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam conducts leading edge research in different sections. They were involved in the deployment of a tsunami early warning system after the devastating Sumatra earthquake. The pursuit of excellence dates back to Prussian times. It is funded by the German government.

CWP Colorado

The Center for Wave Phenomena is associated with the Colorado School of Mines. It is an interdisciplinary seismic research centre with consortium funding. The CWP maintains the Seismic Unix package.

Delphi Consortium

The Delft-based Delphi Consortium has gained international attention developing the Surface-Related Multiple Elimination (SRME) algorithm, which is considered an industry standard in seismic multiple removal. They are consortium funded from major NOCs, IOCs and service providers. They are divided in three main research projects Acquisition & Preprocessing (A&P), Multiple Utilization & Structural Imaging (M&I) and Dynamic Characterization and Reservoir Monitoring (C&M).


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