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Steal my CV!

Recently, I have updated my CV. Problem is, when I see the MS Word templates for resumes and CVs, I repulse. Few things scream 80s as much as these do.

Now, let me get one thing out of the way, I have had feedback that some recruiters may prefer the 80s style. They’re used to the format, therefore it’s easier to read. Keep this in mind, it may raise your risk to end up in the reject pile.

However, when I started my research on subjectively better templates, I noticed something peculiar. Online resume builders sprout everywhere. They all have some sort of business model that you get this extremely beautiful template that you have to pay to download or customize and send all your personal data into the web. Then I remembered an old “Friggeri CV” from

LatexTemplates Friggeri CV

LatexTemplates Friggeri CV

This looks good, but it was missing some things I wanted also it is not optimized for academics like me. I am applying for scholarships to be able to go for an extended external research stay with my co-supervisor in Edinburgh. That sure gives some motivation to go collect some cash, but obviously, many are in it for free cash, your CV better be on spot.

I made my edits to the Sharelatex version of the Friggeri CV or on their template repository “Fancy CV”. I’m making them available for everyone to use for free on Github. Head on over, download and fill in your details.

You have some fantastic (if I do say so myself) gimmicks you can include. A special education section where you can showcase your thesis title and your coursework. Fontawesome icons for clean visuals of Phone icons to LinkedIn markers. And my favorite is the “ratings” you can add in the form of filled circles to highlight your skills.

Head on over to Github.

Additionally, it runs in Texlive, which honestly was a hassle to get to work, but Ubuntu-nerds will rejoice! You can still use it on my favorite Latex editor on Sharelatex, no worries there. Check it out and leave a star, stab a fork or even add some more features and send in a pull request. Maybe this will become the CV to rule them all, or at least an information-dense CV to hunt for your next job.

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