Mama Etna is back!

One big reason to go into geophysics is pretty obvious: Volcanoes! I got to know Boris Behncke during my high school years. He’s a geophysicist situated in Sicily, Italy. And to our fortune he’s quite keen on photography and shares these gems on various platforms. The latest paroxysm produced a very special event: That moment, […]

Not just fun and games!

Geophysics isn’t just fun and games! You don’t always get to play with volcanoes and … wait… Oh. Well sometimes you do get to play with volcanos. It’s a picture from tumblr. Unfortunately, I don’t know the originator.

Vulcano, Volcano – Potayto, Potato

I love volcanoes! Did you know the name volcano is derived from the island Vulcano? The island was said to be the forge of the Roman god of fire: Vulcan. Now there is some kind of a problem and volcanologists sometimes get quite cocky about it, in the English language volcano is written with an […]

The weekend volcano post

The weekend is coming! Let’s start this weekend with an awesome volcano picture of the Bagana in Papua New Guinea. It was taken by the Earth Observing-1 satellite and is a rather rare picture. This volcano can hardly be monitored since it’s located far from any civilization. Enjoy it and study the different magma flows […]