Talk nerdy to me – a TED talk

A wonderful TED note on science communicationAlthough, is having the science communication plattform TED talking about science communication some weird form of “TEDception”?

You don’t need to be a fabulous presenter.
You don’t need to publish all your research in Nature.
You don’t need to make it perfect.

Go out there, tell people about your fascination. Maybe start with a friend or your family. Their probably not great for for constructive criticism, but they are practice and they will give you confidence. Go out and partake in a competition like a Science Slam or Famelab. Maybe start a blog or send out tweets about your fascination.

This is not just for your audience. As Einstein put it:

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

I absolutely agree with this quote, as it is what I experienced very often, with myself and also with others.

Go out there, share what you know and love!
You know something and that something is beautiful, don’t be selfish, share it with your audience.

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