The first rule of WesternGeco…

you do not talk about WesternGeco!
Well no. You may talk about WesternGeco, but I just got my Welcome package at Schlumberger.

Which already leads me to the headline, I just signed a confidentiality agreement. This will make it kind of hard to talk about the internship on this blog, but I will do my very best. Before you ask, yes it feels jamesbondish.

My first day at WesternGeco so far has been a lot of organizational stuff. Setting all the systems up and getting acquainted with everything. It has been a lot of fun and I actually forgot to call my driver to pick me up because I did not see 5 o’clock approaching. But finally I made it to the appartment and I have to say I’m kind of amazed with what Schlumberger set me up with. It’s really a nice room with Wifi, TV, kitchen, dishwasher, washer and everything I want.

There’s just one downside, my luggage still has not arrived. Easyjet managed to get it to London yesterday. But it won’t get to me until tomorrow because of some “unfortunate circumstances”. I’m really not pleased and I come believe I will never travel with easyjet again.

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  1. Schön, dass du hier auch ein bisschen von deinem Praktikum berichtest. Hab dich gern und freu mich schon auf die Zeit in Crawley mit dir. Hoffe, du hast dran gedacht, Manu und allen anderen Interessenten, nochmal die Addy zu schicken. 😉
    Hab dich gern und wünsche dir weiterhin eine gute Zeit!

    Deine anna

    • I started out as a TW, and after 15 years (by which time I’d been a Pubs Manager for svaerel years), I switched over to programming. Initially I went into programming because I needed better tools for my pubs work, and they did not exist, so I had to build them. In 8080 assembler. When writing software docs, I think it’s important that a TW can at least *read* the code. I always asked for it, and almost always found problems in it, which I reported to the responsible engineer. Before I wrote about software, I wrote about other engineering projects (power plants, chemical process plants) and there too used the same info the engineers used, drawings and specs. I felt the TW needed to understand the item they were writing about on an engineering level, not just interview an engineer and make the words nice. So the writers I hired could all do that.Now, after 34 years writing software, I no longer feel I am personally a good TW. Programming has spoiled me. So the TWs I work with have final say over their own work. Indeed, we all need to bridge two worlds, both to communicate, and to design software that really serves our customers, who are, still, TWs.

  2. In my view the only person who suolhd be able to call themselves a geophysicist is someone who has undertaken formal education in geophysics at graduate or post graduate level. We would not allow someone to call themselves a doctor just because they have been pescribing potions to people for 5 years and have not succeeded in harming anyone in the process would we? Geophysics is a broad church, archaeological prospection uses only a small part of it. Maybe there is scope for a term geophysical technician, (the accounting industry has such a term) which would signify someone has got loads of experience in field geophysics and processing (and maybe also interpretation) of data, but no formal qualification in it. This could also apply across other disciplins, for example in environmental and engineering surveys, but I suspect Archaeological prospection and utility detection is where the problem is most acute

  3. Living in a different country always gives you a lot of opportunities, but also poses you in a rather uncomfortable position of being far far out of your comfort zone. My internship in London is exactly this way. Seismic imaging Courtesy of Western Ge

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