Vulcano, Volcano – Potayto, Potato

I love volcanoes!

Did you know the name volcano is derived from the island Vulcano?
The island was said to be the forge of the Roman god of fire: Vulcan.
Now there is some kind of a problem and volcanologists sometimes get quite cocky about it, in the English language volcano is written with an “o”. I myself got it wrong in one of my first articles, because in quite a few other languages it’s written like the original with an “u”.

So just to get it right, once and for all:
Vulcanologist: Watching Star Trek
Volcanologist: Watching Volcanoes


Picture credit:
Spock: Copyright owned by NBC-Viacom
Volcano: National Parks Service

Vulcano: Lava long and prosper

via The Earth Story’s Facebook Wall

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