Guest Blog Guidelines

So you have a piece of content that is perfect for the Way of the Geophysicist?
I have a couple requirements before you proceed to send it my way.

Guest Blog Articles for the Way of the Geophysicist need to:

  • Most importantly it has to be original exclusive content
  • Include an author bio and an avatar
  • Try to stay within the tone of this website
  • Google has guidelines for guest blogging, so articles that are intended as a link building scheme will be rejected.
  • Attribute any data, images and sources
  • Write in good style, don’t stretch it but take your time to explain it in detail
  • Absolutely no affiliate links
  • Articles may be reformatted

Consider as well:

  • Relax on the links
  • Quality over quantity
  • It’s within the rights of the editor to modify or reject content
  • The bio is for self-promotion, the article is not.
  • No republishing of your content afterward whatsoever (duplicate content is frowned upon heavily)
  • Please license your content in compliance with our content
  • We may include calls-to-action to other content, including but not limited to email newsletters, ebooks, and other downloadable content.

What you can do though:

  • Share it with everyone you know
  • Create derivative work such as images
  • You may use short quotes in other work with proper attribution
  • Stay put in the comment area to engage in discussions

Fire away:

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