We love geophysics.

The destruction of earthquakes, the beauty of volcanoes and the magic of looking inside Earth without digging. On these pages you will find interesting news from around the world, some light-hearted content and in-depth articles in seismic.

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Earth Sciences

News in geoscience, fascinating reads about geophysics and wonderful sites in geology. The general geo-awesomeness.

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With a special focus on

Data Analysis

Data analysis lies at the heart of geoscience, ranging from classic seismic processing to big data and machine learning for reservoir characterization.

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Physical tools like hammer and loupe. Programming tools or computer programs. Best practices and productivity tweaks

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The Journey of a PhD student

The Way of the Geophysicist was started by a young Master student. This blog has matured into something bigger. More articles. Deeper insights.

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... is a geophysicist by heart. He works at the intersection of machine learning and geoscience. He is the founder of The Way of the Geophysicist and a deep learning enthusiast. Writing mostly about computational geoscience and interesting bits and pieces relevant to post-grad life.