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That would be me.

Hi there! I’m Jesper Dramsch, the founder of Way of the Geophysicist. I write for this blog and sometimes do other things around the internet concerning Python, geoscience and machine learning.

Are you interested in geoscience or machine learning? You have come to the right place! I write about interesting tidbits I find in my research and around the internet concerning machine learning and neural networks in geoscience.

The Way of the Geophysicist is here to help you get more productive in research and understand machine learning to get ahead. Here’s how:

  • Understand the newest AI developments. Putting the most recent developments in machine learning research into context and get inspired by what the Pro’s at Deepmind and Uber are doing.
  • Get that job. Software skills and machine learning are essential in modern-day toolsets. Here you’ll learn how to obtain and employ these skills.
  • Be the most efficient. Turns out that these digital tools make you incredibly productive. Explore how to use these to your best ability.

This website has been going for a bit, so it can be a bit overwhelming. I know that feeling. Want to know where to start?

Learn Machine Learning

I collected all free resources I find essential to go from zero to machine learning hero.

  • Lack of math skills?
    No problem.
  • Stats? In there.
  • Design Thinking? 100%.
  • Machine learning,
    deep learning and
    neural networks?
    Even that!

You can find it on the right here!

Learn Data Science in Python

I also create a course on data science in Python. This course is geared towards students familiar with some Python syntax with an interest in data science. It consists of 4 hours of video material walking you through the complete data science workflow.

Data Science and Business Analytics with Python

Visit the course here for a 14-day free trial of the Skillshare platform and view the code and notebooks freely available with exercises and all code in the videos here.

Youtube and Community

Definitely check out my Youtube channel, where I explain some of my research and general musings about machine learning and AI.

This is my first video on the channel, with the full talk from a 4D seismic workshop, introducing a new physics-based neural network for 4D seismic inversion.

Some topics may be more conversational. Some focused on research.

Recently I started a community to support these articles and videos. If you’d like to pick up some extra perks and possibly even decide the next video, head on over to Patreon.

Machine Learning Research

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I write about machine learning research, mostly about computer vision problems. During my PhD studies, I realized that this new development is extremely suited for seismic data analysis. I quickly got immersed in much more machine learning in geoscience and physics-based deep learning.

This lead me to write the review article in Advances in Geophysics, which is available as a preprint here: 70 years of machine learning in geoscience by Jesper Dramsch.

Here are some articles you might enjoy if you have an interest in these topics.

And of course there’s the cornerstone article:


Caledonian Folding in Norway
Caledonian Folding in Norway[email protected]/3387197628

I write about geoscience topics whenever I stumble across something interesting. This is often geophysics or geology. Particularly seismic and interesting locations in the world are featured heavily.

Research and Jobs

I’m a researcher and sometimes I like to share articles regarding research or finding jobs.

And I share my very versatile but not particularly bot-friendly CV template here: