Keeping Busy – Friday Faves

It sure is an interesting time. Apologies I kept you waiting with more Friday Faves, but for a bit of time now, unfortunately, my life was not exactly filled with joy. Let’s get back to it today and share some things that cut through the fog. With everyone in lockdown in this global pandemic, maybe this will help you too. Please let me know if any of this does.

A Geoscience Kata

The folks over at Agile* have created a coding kata. Some puzzles akin to the advent of code I enjoyed so much. They’re small datasets served with a geoscience twist. The first one goes into some sediments and how to process them for geological understanding, but check it out for yourself on the Agile Blog.

The is a challenge you can look forward to, when you work your way through a couple cool other ones in seismology, prospectivity, and even wrangling the terrible world of sample naming conventions.

My Kaggle Notebooks

I’ve been having some trouble with loading times on the Kaggle website. Therefore, I decided to collect them on Github as well. Check them out in the Kaggle Notebook Repo.

Maybe checking out Kaggle will give you something to look forward too as well.

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