52 things you should know about geology

How about a great book to read?

People like to read in the most diverse situations. On the train, on a plane, when you take a couple of minutes off, or if you don’t have a working internet connection like me (it’s been over a month… I’m going crazy!). So finally I had the time to get back to reading 52 things you should know about geophysics. It’s a book comprised of 52 two-page essays about geophysical topics. And now there’s a sequel!

52 things you should know about geology

Every subsurface professional will enjoy these fifty-two short essays by more than forty petroleum geoscientists. The list of authors includes some of the most successful explorationists of our time, as well as some scientists right at the start of their careers. The range of topics could scarcely be broader, covering fieldwork and mapping, beaches and turbidites, and ways to handle the inevitable uncertainty in all geological models.

One of these scientists right at the start of their career would be me.
I was very excited when Matt Hall approached me, if they could adapt work I had written for this blog. I actually read 52 things… about geophysics, with the thought in mind that it would be awesome to someday be part of this.

Be sure to leave a comment, if you think they managed to capture the spirit of my writing. I think they really did a good job on the editing.
I sure am excited to get to read the 51 other essays.

You can preorder it on amazon now and get it discounted!
In case you want to order it to Germany, if you get up to two books for the discounted price, you won’t even have to struggle with customs!

The perspectives

This is something that amazed me a lot. In the anouncement for the new book, Agile said that the authors in this book accumulated 850 career-years. This is certainly a big number. Especially if you’re at the beginning of your career, or always on the look-out for new perspectives, these years will give you some insights that are invaluable.
When we get down to the math, you pay 26 cents per essay, so if there’s just one that’ll blow your mind, I think it’s worth it.

The collaboration

I love how Agile Libre have managed to find that many contributors from such a diverse background. All the authors contributed their thoughts for free and will not gain a profit from the book. It’s for the sake of sharing knowledge with the world.
If you want to you could get Advice for a prospective geologist Mark Myers, 14th Director of the USGS or learn about Geochemical alchemy from Richard Hardman, an exploration legend.
To see even more from the inside, look at the announcement over at Agile*

The good guys

Another great thing about this book is that 2$ of every book will go towards the AAPG Foundation.
It’s the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation that funds several educational opportunities as well as outreach endeavours. So basically it will enable the next generation of geoscientists to grow up and maybe start an awesome collaboration like this.

I am very happy to be a part of this book.

Order it on Amazon

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