Breaking the Walls of Subsurface Energy in Aarhus

How do you make science outreach, when your topic is not “sexy”?

I work in hydrocarbons. I don’t cure HIV. I don’t work with 2D materials or machine learning (yet). So how do you talk about the awesome work you do in 3 minutes on a public stage?

Falling Walls Lab Aarhus

Aarhus set the stage and invited speakers to the Falling Walls Lab. Fourteen speakers had 3 minutes each to present their approach to break down walls standing in science or current society. This topic may seem odd, but has to be seen in the greater context of the Falling Walls conference. On the 9th of November Berlin, Germany invites high profile guests from all over the world that contribute to society. It’s to commemorate the falling of the inner German and the Berlin wall. It would be an awesome place to be.

I did not make the cut. But I met some very inspiring people and I’ve got a nice video out of it . I felt really smart chipping time away from the rock in the end and have “Falling Walls” written on the screen as the final message. However, this is not visible in the video due to reflections on the screen. Enjoy:


Famelab Aarhus 2016 All Participants

Famelab Aarhus 2016 All Participants on Flickr

The Winners

Also, please enjoy the 3 winners and the special prize available only to members of Aarhus University:

Special Prize

Deby Fapyane – Breaking the Well of the Divine Will

3rd Prize

Antonija Grubisic-Cabo – Breaking the Wall of 2D Treatment


Steven Harris Wibowo – Breaking the Wall of HIV Treatment


Morten Bormann Nielsen – Breaking the Wall of Earth

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