My Interview with the EAGE about the Way of the Geophysicist

The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) interviewed me.

It appears in the 2015 edition of their student newsletter. My fellow students already asked me about it and now you can read it online!

I enjoyed talking in the interview with Kirsten Brandt and I do hope more opportunities like this may arise.

Interview: Blogging his way through geoscience studies

Jesper Dramsch is building a fan base for Way of the Geophysicist, his regular blog on his experience in the geoscience community to date. Topics include discussion of science, as well as some more philosophical and personal thoughts. Jesper is a Master student at Hamburg University currently with a student assignment at O+P Geotechnik, Hamburg. His work experience to date also includes internships with Fugro Seismic Imaging and Schlumberger. This is what he had to tell us about the life of a geoscience postgrad blogger

What inspired you to start a blog?

My initial idea was to share my internship experience with Fugro Seismic Imaging (FSI). Soon this transitioned into writing about geo-related topics I found interesting, especially, when I had to work my way into and do the research; those were articles I liked. Getting into the habit of writing has helped me immensely in my studies.

Who is your target audience?

I write from the perspective of a grad student. Essentially it’s a mix of people studying geoscience, young professionals and seniors that are interested in the views of those just starting into the world of geoscience.

Are your followers your target audience!?

As of writing this I have over 300 Twitter followers. A quick tweet about my newest post usually results in a clear spike of my visitor count. Many readers come from Google and are especially interested in my experience with Fugro Seismic Imaging and Schlumberger. From this and the conversation it started with some people, I’d say it is definitely my target audience.

Read the interview here

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... is a geophysicist by heart. He works at the intersection of machine learning and geoscience. He is the founder of The Way of the Geophysicist and a deep learning enthusiast. Writing mostly about computational geoscience and interesting bits and pieces relevant to post-grad life.

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