Something for a Long Trip or Unwind during the Holidays – Friday Faves

It’s the holiday season, so let’s keep this Friday Fave short, with a fave that keeps on giving.

Who’s Hannah Fry?

Hannah Fry is a mathematician that uses math to model human behaviour. She’s also extremely good at communicating complex math concepts in several youtube videos and Podcast episodes. This is her lecture at the Royal Institution:

Should computers run the world? – Hannah Fry at the Royal Institution

Who’s Deep Mind?

DeepMind has set the lofty goal of solving the Artificial General Intelligence problem, collaborated with Hannah Fry to have her guide you through the diverse people in the Deepmind labs in London. In case you’d enjoy having a mode of escape during the holidays or are setting out for a longer trip to head to the family, I can highly recommend this series of extremely well-produced insights into the inner workings of this research start-up.

Look who’s on that screen at NeurIPS 2019

The DeepMind Podcast

Here’s the trailer to get an initial idea of what you’re in for:

Deepmind Podcast Trailer © DeepMind

Search for “Deepmind: The Podcast” in your podcatcher. Alternatively, head on over to your favourite source:

It feels to me like Professor Fry is bringing a healthy portion of rigour and skepticism to this branded podcast, making it very enjoyable. Even, or especially, as someone working with machine learning systems. In case you enjoyed this, you will probably enjoy the upcoming Christmas lecture 2019.

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