Machine Learning in Geoscience with FORCE! – Friday Faves

This week was a rough one. This is Friday Faves, I try to show you the cool stuff. The week was dominated by fraud and plagiarism, but we’re not about that today. Let’s look at the cool stuff that came out of Stavanger and the US and an awesome tool for open science instead!

First All Female Space Walk

If you’re early, this is the live stream!

Open Science

Making Science open is often possible, but journals will obviously not send you to a free and open version of the same paper. So of course there is a browser extension that will show a little green ribbon on the side, if it automagically finds an open version. It will only show up when looking at scientific articles too. Get it here:

FORCE Symposium videos

This year’s videos and presentations of the FORCE Machine Learning are online. Find the full playlist here with the presentations also available. Here’s one example

FORCE Hackathon

With the FORCE Symposium, there was also a hackathon organized in part by Matt Hall at Agile. His write up is here and (I know this is cheating) the video, which is in the playlist from before:

Matt Hall presents the project round-up of Force ML

Responsible AI

Our professional societies are luckily not just getting in on the AI hype, but creating space to discuss how to responsibly introduce AI into Earth Science:

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