Going Meta, Geovizualizations and the PyTorch Dev Con – Friday Faves

In this week’s Friday Faves we have some very cool animations for geoscience outreach, some meta reinforcement learning and this year’s PyTorch Dev Con.

Amazing Geoscience Outreach Animations

These geoscience acquisition animations are everything the small comics never where. Alexandre Normandeau is a research scientist in Canada and obviously has a knack for visualization, visit his website to find more. Anton Grønne Kühl initially posted them on slack and even had a chat with Alexandre about attaching a permissive license to these animations!

Sub-Bottom Profiling – CC-BY Alexandre Normandeau

Going Full Meta Learning

With state-of-the-art claims, you can often get a model that works on a specific dataset, but not on others. Multi-task reinforcement learning bears the promise of creating more robust agents. Whereas meta reinforcement learning bears the promise of learning to learn, then learning new tasks faster and better. This new benchmark promises to facilitate this research.

Check out the paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1910.10897.pdf
And their nice website: https://meta-world.github.io/

Pytorch Dev Con 2019

Pytorch, the open-source deep learning framework developed at Facebook has recently come to v1.3. The Dev Con was full of nuggets of wisdom.

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