Promax 2D Multiple Reduction

I am at a point, I could use some help with the program Promax 2D from Landmark Corp. I have posted in a LinkedIn group and this way I hope I may get some signal boost for my question. Do you have some experience with the following? Help a fellow Masters student out?

I am looking for help this way. I am trying to reduce the coherent noise from multiples in my data. I have so far figured out three ways that should give the outcome I am looking for.

  • Surface Related Wave Equation Multiple Elimitation
  • SRME
  • Radon Velocity Filtering

Now I have run into some problems regarding the first two methods. The SRWEQME needs does not reduce the multiples properly so the multiple estimation must be reduced by the module Adaptive Noise Reduction. This module needs gated filters to work properly. Can anyone help me how to estimate these gated filters or other pitfalls of the method.

The SRME will not work on data with headers bigger than 2GB. Is there a good workaround with Promax tools to get this one to run? Do I need to “cut up” the data and hope the SRME will still work properly on the edges?

The Radon Velocity Filter is working but we all know Radon, the solution leaves nasty artifacts that need careful filtering, while not getting alle the possible multiples.

Help would be greatly appreciated.
Jesper Dramsch

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