The Only Moat worthy for a Geologists Lair

Did you ever wonder how to protect your lair once you turn to the dark side? (Listen up Elon)

Randal Munroe of xkcd fame collaborated with Minute Physics to solve this problem. How to build a Lava Moat:

It’s a collaboration to promote the new book “How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems“. Since “What If” and “Thing Explainer” I expect this book to, once again, be fantastically absurd but scientifically accurate.

xkcd: Geologist

If you don’t know xkcd yet, get on over there and lose a couple of hours. It’s a webcomic about all sorts nerdery included geoscience! The comic has gained such a following that fans submitted Munroe’s name for an Asteroid.

xkcd: Seismic Waves

So go ahead, watch the awesome video, sink some time into xkcd, then go on and enjoy the books!

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